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Bill and regulation tracking

Want to know the status of current proposed compounding policy in your state? Visit Compounders Stateside: State-Level Monitoring here for the latest. We update our reporting weekly.

State-by-state issue compilations

For APC members only, APC provides two compilations of state legislation or regulation related to compounding. Both were created in collaboration with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations and funded by a generous grant from the IACP Foundation.

Because these are members-only resources, you’ll need your APC log-in and password to access them.

Free Resources

Contacts at the U.S. state boards of pharmacy

All 50 states, plus D.C. and territories

Stark and Anti-Kickback Updates

Changes to Stark and the Anti-Kickback Statute” by Brown and Fortunado, PC.

Constructive transfer

“FD&C Act Provisions that Apply to Human Drug Compounding”

From the FDA itself.

Sales-tax permits and nonprescription drugs

Do you still have to file sales-tax permits in each state for nonprescription drugs or supplements?

The folks at TaxJar have looked into this question and compiled a state-by-state list.

And here are two additional resources worth checking out:

State-by-state e-prescribing trackers

Here are two organizations’ tracking resources on state laws and regulation on e-prescribing

Both give the same info, just the interfaces are different.

  1. From Surescripts: EPCS Readiness: Which States Lead the Charge?
  2. From MD Toolbox: E-Prescribing Mandate State Laws

USP <800> Risk Assessment Templates from NCPA

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